Course Information.

Mythology is an introductory college level course. It is a study of ancient civilizations based upon the interpretation and analysis of the literature they left behind.

The class will look at Neareastern (Babylonian...), Greek/Roman, and (time permitting) Norse myths in an attempt to gain insight into the world view of these cultures as well as to better understand the impact these cultures have had on our modern society.

Considerable time is devoted to essay writing based on the interpretation of the various myths studied (thematic essays), and document-based questions.

We will be reading the Iliad.

Students will turn in one major project.

COURSE OBJECTIVES - Students will be able to:

1. recognize relationships between many of our words and the myths;

2. identify and understand mythological allusions in literature;

3. gain awareness of the classical background for many of our traditions;

4. recognize the Roman influence upon our law, system of government, and moral code;

5. identify basic similarities and differences between the myths of all ancient groups

6. understand the influence upon the ancient mind as it tried to explain the world;

7. recognize various types of ancient stories: the epic, lyric poem, fables, tribal history, and folklore;

8. recognize mythology as it is present today.

Mr. Charles A. Lenze, Ed.Spec.


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